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The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to use Social Media to Drive Social Change

For my book report I read The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith. In society today, Social media is a very popular and powerful tool. This well-written book teaches the average person to achieve their goals in life by ultilizing social media tools that will make  a positive change for the social good. The intention  is to create a social change or a movement that will gain support and ultimately empower others to take action.

The authors, utilize a distinct image of symbolism, the dragonfly – a symbol of change, and builds upon this  concept to create a framework of how to make a change for the social good. The Dragonfly Effect creates a foundation for companies, organizations and  individuals to embrace the true power of the social media to capture a mass audience at little or no cost. The idea demonstrated throughout the book is that a single goal can be accomplished by taking the necessary steps to execute a optimal outcome.

To take advantage of Social Media to gain social support, the authors introduce a unique model to display their idea to their readers.The dragonfly is the only insect able to propel itself in any direction -with tremendous speed and force- when its four wings are working in concert, demonstrating that small actions can create big movements. With this picture in mind, the authors begin to describe the four wings on the dragonfly that enlightens the reader to:

1. Focus on a single goal

2. Grab attention of the target audience

3. Engage your audience in the cause with the outcome in mind

4. Take action and empower your audience to make a difference

This can be achieved by adopting a design thinking approach that  will foster a connection with an audience by focusing and understanding their  needs.  If all of the wings of the dragonfly are working in concert with one another, it will enhance the ability to create a ripple effect that will  become infectious to the point that people will feel empowered to participate in  the cause.

Throughout our presentation we outline each wing and explain the importance of social change. The Dragonfly Effect proves to their audience that simply utilzing Social Media to your advantage and strategically creating a plan for change can benefit the world. This book was not only an inspiration to spark change but also relatable on so many levels for the audience reading.


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