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Social Media course

Greetings, readers. Sorry for going dormant for a few months.  This site will soon be active again.  Next semester I’ll be teaching a special topics course on “Social Media” at the University of Hartford’s School of Communication.  I’ll incorporate several elements of the Digital & Social Media Literacy course and elements of past courses I’ve taught. I’m still in the midst of planning the course and before it starts in January 2013, I wanted to turn to you to ask for suggestions.

Part of the challenge in teaching the special topics course comes in the form of the varying interests and skill sets of the class members.  I’m going to assume that students taking the course have some familiarity with social media- what it is, how to use it.  What I’d like to do with the course is explore some of the theories, concepts, seminal readings and foundational scholarship behind social media.  I’d also like for the students to learn concepts of digital and social media literacy.  Finally, I’d like students to engage in social media (to do). I’d also like to provide an overview of social media use in a variety of fields: social media in journalism, social media in marketing/business, social media in law, etc. So the course will be one quarter scholarship, one quarter literacy, one quarter overview and one quarter doing.

I’d also like to experiment with a flipped approach where students watch videos (Ted Talks anyone?) outside of class and then come to class with the intent of engaging in a social media project of some sorts. Maybe we’ll create a flashmob. Maybe we’ll try to get something to go viral. Maybe we’ll work on creating a case study or two of social media practices. Perhaps we’ll work on designing/creating a new innovative social media concept, design, idea or project.

The possibilities are endless.

But here’s where you come in.  I want your input on three fronts:  1)Do you have any suggestions on a good general “social media” book to use as the class textbook? (I’m considering Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody.” In the past I’ve used a more practical “Social Media Bible”). Or any good “social media” books in general we should be aware of/consider?

2)Videos. Are there “social media” talks that are “must see”? I like Lee Rainie’s The Networked Individuals talk. Is there a TED talk you saw that you recommend? Any other “long” talks that we should watch or consider.

3)Projects/Syllabi.  I’ve gradually collected syllabi from undergraduate and graduate classes that have addressed social media in some form and am continuing to do so. If you’ve taught social media or taken a social media class, are there projects you required that worked well? Please feel free to share examples of projects and/or links to syllabi and resources.

I look forward to sharing some of the findings on this blog.

-Dr. Graybs



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  1. mpennell2012 says:

    one must always consider the interests of the social media audience

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