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Digital Media

Continuing yesterday’s discussion of what digital & social media literacy means, we began class by watching the first chapter of the 2008 PBS Frontline series “Growing Up Online.”   The series also does a nice job providing an overview of important social media themes to explore later in the course.  In particular, this chapter illustrates the ideas of developing a “social currency” (often based on trust and reputation, but you can also cash in on that influence through incentives), possessing knowledge of “how to” use tools and technologies, and developing an online persona and leaving behind a digital footprint.

We then discussed digital media and how “digital natives” and their affinity for digital products is disrupting and displacing (but not necessarily “killing”) traditional media.  We began exploring a few of the differences between the “old” forms of media and “new” media, such as the Internet and mobile devices.  My powerpoint slides are below for your perusal:


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